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Take Yourself to the Next Best Possible Level to


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Mastering Next-Level Courage, Confidence + Charisma Program


what is the program?

The Mastering Next-Level Courage, Confidence + Charisma Program is a 7-week self study online program that will boost and accelerate your journey towards personal power, and soulful confidence and charisma. 

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You’ll receive a bundle of tools, materials and exercises to help you implement a specific component from the video/audio lessons delivered to you each week. 

From overhauling your fears, to drawing in your confidence code, to decoding your relationship with your inner essence, to figuring out your ultimate passion and purpose in life.

It’s all designed to help propel you towards your next-level vision and trigger unparalleled results in your daily life.

READY TO shift your stagnant life?

That negative, fear-based voice inside your head says you're not good, or smart enough or capable. She/he is the reason you haven’t gone after your next-level dreams. The voice goes on to say you're not attractive enough, will never meet that special someone, get out of debt, start or grow your business or heal. She/he is the doubter, the  justifier–everything negative that stops you from living in your (mojo) power and abilities. 

You're perfect for this program if...


You Feel Stuck. You’re at a plateau, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, financially, or in your personal relationships. And deep down, you know you haven’t even begun to tap into your true potential.


You've Lost Confidence but are ready to ignite your inner mojo-persona and lead a life of passion.


Imposter Syndrome is a huge issue. Your next rise in your business or personal life is adversely affected by your thoughts of not good enough.


You're using processes that don't work. You've tried just about every solution under the sun yet still spinning your wheels going nowhere fast. 

When top managers and ceos were asked what they felt they most lacked in comparison to other skills or qualities, confidence topped the list. 

How does the Program work?

This is a 7-week roadmap for mastering your inner Mojo and laying the foundations for the enhanced life you’ve talked about. It’s the precise strategy I used myself to rise up from rock bottom to create the life I now lead. It's an opportunity to enlist new pathways and slant them to your particular circumstances. 

Audio, video and written resources for each of the 7 weeks. (You’ll want to go back to these babies again and again — they’re that powerful).

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Targeted exercises, designed to hone straight in on your soul-gold, accelerate your growth, and give you a precise, tangible blueprint for incredible momentum.

Ongoing access to a members-only space for course grads, so you can dip in whenever you hit a road bump, or want to break through to the next level.

Week 1

Confidence - Part 1

  • Flex Your Confidence Muscle

  • Close Your Mind

  • Ne Sim Obex: Sticking to Your Strategy

Week 2

Confidence - Part 2

  • The Science of Connecting to YOU

  • Procrastination Mastery

  • Guided Meditation

Week 3

Courage - Part 1

  • Act, Respond & Speak - oh my

  • Outwit the Ghost of Fear

  • Enduring the Courage to Change

Week 4

Courage - Part 2

  • Vanquish Alibis

  • The Thing Called Source

  • Manifest From Love

Week 5

Charisma - Part 1

  • The Art of Being Interesting

  • 1-2-3 of Likability

  • Create Shining Moments

Week 6

Charisma - Part 2

  • Red Velvet Ropping

  • Own the Room

  • Align Trust & other Charisma secrets

Week 7

Mojo Moves

  • Life Visioning

  • Unblock Your Mojo

  • Connect & Trigger Your Vibe

  • Guided Meditation 


Mastering Next-Level Courage, Confidence + Charisma Program

7 modules of potent yet practical results-inspired work accelerating you toward your next-level experience.

Lifetime access to course members-only space.




This program is designed to give you every possible advantage when it comes to taking inspired action and activating the energy to beautifully propel forward. But of course, there’s a caveat: You still have to show up for yourself and do the work.

The materials and exercises are designed to do the heavy lifting for you, but it’s still up to you to show up for yourself. That said, I want you to feel amazing about investing in yourself and your future with this program.

That’s why I’m offering a complete money-back guarantee. If you sign up for the Mastering Next-Level Courage, Confidence + Charisma Program and realize that it’s not right for you, after two weeks, I will refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked, no hard feelings. Simply send me an email within 14 days of enrolling, and I will be in touch to organize your refund.

(That’s how confident I am that you’ll love this program as much as I do!)

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Pamela Sylvan is an author, podcast host, magazine editor and mentor. She has worked in the training and development world for over 25 years. It was during her time as a Corporate Training Manger for Sears Canada travelling across the country and meeting diverse groups of people did her vision of one day mentoring and consulting in a full-time capacity truly take hold. With a deep commitment to empowering others to say yes to the energy that fuels life, Pamela believes that transformation is possible for anyone that wants such an experience. She strives to inspire others to reclaim their power, step into their truth, live with intention, and move in the direction of their purpose using 'Universe-Power'. 

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