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Stop waiting for happiness - design it!


Happiness is not your purpose.

Happiness is a byproduct of living your purpose. 

At your core, you have what you need to create, design and generate happiness. 


If the fundamentals of happiness are within you, waiting, why is it so difficult to find?

Why can't you trigger this powerful experience?

What stands in the way to unlocking your storehouse to happiness?

How much longer are you willing to keep happiness locked away?

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Happiness awaits...

Yet, few people grew up understanding how to generate happiness from within. We learned to follow social scripts and norms; earn, consume, and of course, repeat the cycle until the end. Happiness was an afterthought or a joyful accident. It was something you hoped for but it was not part of the overall plan of life.. 

why wait?


Take your happiness off hold & begin the journey today!

You are 12 weeks away from not only knowing how happiness works but also growing the power to uplevel your happiness-ability!  The energy of happiness is yours, It's time to boost your contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, well-being and the confidence you've been seeking for so long!

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The 12-Week Happiness Program

This 12-week program includes a 12 section workbook digitally sent each week during the duration of the program. Totalling 90+ pages of resources, insights, tools, prompts for reflection, experiences and much more!

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12 Sections

12 weekly sections will arrive in your inbox covering pertinent areas of your life helping you unlock happiness opportunities.

  1. Measure Your Happiness

  2. Use Your Strengths & Enhance Your Dharma

  3. Practice the Presence

  4. Be Active & Activate

...And 8 more super-empowering sections! 

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Exciting tools are available throughout the workbook to help you implement your joy, power and confidence.

Happiness Workbook-12.png


Add resources found throughout the 12 weeks and make them part of your empowerment toolbelt. 

Happiness Workbook-13.png


You'll have plenty of opportunities to practice as you learn throughout the program to experience your growing happiness factors. 

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Prompts for Journalling

Dive deep into your awareness with powerful prompts you can use to journal or begin wonderful conversations with others. 

Happiness Workbook-10.png

Review, Insights + More!

Begin and end the program with insightful reviews to discover where you are on the happiness map. 

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...there's more...

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30 Days of Mojo!

Along with the 90+ pages of this 12-week program, you'll also receive 30 days of daily (mojo) affirmation cards to help you stay focused, grounded and growing in confidence.



Wake up to these tiny reminders. Not only are they a shot of daily energy and positivity, they reinforce the lessons, wisdom and knowledge you'll absorb over the length of the program.  




You'll automatically receive access to the Natural Mojo Private Community for ongoing conversation and connection to insights, and training videos on a variety of topics to enhance your confidence, joy and power as you join along with others travelling along the path to higher awareness and empowered living. 



You get what you think you deserve.

Because, what you think about dictates what you say and what you do.

If you don't believe you deserve something, it's never going to happen, including happiness.

Because we don't like to be wrong about our own personal beliefs.

In fact, you'll do everything in your power to sabotage the possibility of getting what you want. It's odd, even perverse, but it's human nature.

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Generate the experience you've been seeking... 

1 / Happiness & Joy

Which shows up as; bliss, enchantment, elation, satisfaction, optimism, pleasure, well-being, blessedness and good humour...

2 / Confidence & Calmness

Because a cool head and self-assuredness helps happiness flow...

3 / Enhanced Accountability & Self-Discipline

Because much of the good stuff in life comes through the ability to master our actions and become accountable to our values, dreams and vision. 


The Happiness Program

And start boosting your happiness factors today!

Q & A


What is the program format?

The 12-week program is digital and will be accessible upon completion of payment. Once downloaded you will have lifetime access. 


Will I be happy/happier at the end of the program?

While it's not guaranteed what you'll experience by the end of the program, you won't be the same after fully engaging in twelve weeks of uplifting information, along with tools and resources specifically designed to generate and boost the experience of happiness and joy. 


Can I receive a refund?

You can request a refund within the first 14 days of downloading the program.


Is there help if I get stuck working through any of the sections?

Yes, your host, Pamela Sylvan, is available to answer questions and clarify any information within the program. 

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