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7 Secret Messages In Caring What People Think

Updated: Jan 24, 2018

You wake up and there it is. Tumbled, jumbled feelings courtesy of your preoccupation with the good opinion of other people.

Thoughts about your character, looks, work, relationships and finances are topics incredibly important to you and you worry how others perceive you in relation to those things.

It's an ingrained primal tribal instinct. It assured we didn't piss off other members of the society and get thrown out into the great unknown. Exile from the tribe would leave us exposed to the elements and possible starvation not to mention providing a tidy snack for a pack of roaming sabre-toothed tigers.

It's how we do, how we've always done. Approval since the dawn of man was to ensure and lock-down ones own survival.

Much has changed in over a million years of evolution, yet approval seeking remains in tact.

Since you can't totally rid yourself of this particular instinct, understanding why you care so much then taking the necessary steps to diminish the hold the 7 following situations have over you will go along way in building future success.

Lets take a quick look at what these messages convey and what you can do to change things in your favour.

1. People Are Not Thinking About You

That's right. Folks are way too preoccupied to give much thought, if any to you. Spending time worrying about this only means your sense of self importance might be a tad higher than it ought to be. So give yourself a break. If someone does think about you and it's more than 15 seconds of curiosity, consider yourself lucky.

2. You're Dealing In The Currency Of Likes

Ok, I'll admit this one grabbed me for awhile too, but our current culture promotes and rewards our instinct to be on the constant hunt for approval. We glow when on our social notifications ping indicating another 'like' from a stranger.

Get to the place within yourself where you don't need approval from others. People are fickle and change their preferences as quickly as the wind, which only means you'll get tossed around each time they change their mind. Seek your own approval.


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