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Being Ordinary Ain't So Bad

The moment we open our eyes, we are awash in the agonizing awareness that we're just simple, ordinary beings in a world that glorifies specialness and uniqueness. Well, at least I was.

As a writer, mentor, and self-proclaimed influencer, blah, blah, blah, I use to be on an obsessive mission to be seen and known. According to the unseen gods of social media, we are only valuable and worthy if we castrate ourselves at the alter of social currency. So like many well-meaning hopefuls, I gave away that which was most precious to me, my time, all in the hopes of being special and one day rising to the happy corridor of celebrity.

Then one day I simply gave up the pursuit because seriously, what was I thinking?

Why chase something when the target continued to move? When the hopes of being heard in between billions have become synonymous with winning the lottery.

So, I show up for myself and the few that care to hear my version of cutting out the noise and crap and just want to understand how to happily be themselves while getting a piece of/their pie. If that's you, welcome. If you found me, an even bigger welcome to you since I didn't do the usual song and dance to get seen and heard.

I challenge you to also slow down or walk away from the noise, and cookie-cutter existence that has us by the chin-hairs and instead settle into a better understanding of yourself and what you truly want to do with your life because sister, you only have a short time and being ordinary and unknown truly ain't so bad.

Looking for a community of women who are learning to play at a new level of creativity and having fun as they age? Then check out Spark.


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