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God is Bored

Yup, you read the title correctly, God is bored.

I mean, c'mon, how could she not be? This omnipotent, omniscience, all-seeing essence created the MOST evolved creative beings ever and all we can find to do is wimp out by the second.

She (God) has placed within us all the mechanisms we'll ever need to have a rollicking good time on our journey down here and what do we do with this power that can reduce mountains to dust? Very little, that's what.

Think about it, you already have a sneaking suspicion that you can manifest at your leisure. But instead of pulling great stuff out of the ethers, or solving problems both big and small, either local, global or both you instead default and go straight to lamenting, worrying, and ruminating so heartily it could choke a healthy horse all while wondering if life isn't truly out to get you.

Yawn. Snooze. Boring. Cheque, please. 😴

Meanwhile, some folks which I call 'the secretly smart' because they may not always show signs of intelligence, have triggered God's power and have spun really cool things from the great unknown like walking on the moon, and building pocket-sized devices allowing you to gossip with your BFFs across the globe while ordering a frappa, mappa, chappa, happa, as you order those cute Choo's you had your eye on.

So, what's the problem?

Are you still waiting for permission to jump in on the ride of a lifetime, that's been ordained, sanctioned and I'm sure FDA approved since Saturn was a speck?


Will you stand straight, shoulders squared, eyes bright with anticipation, knees quivering, and with a shaky voice state your claim?

My sister, just do it.

State what you want, feel good enough to jump into life with passion and squeal with such delight even Michelangelo's David will blush.

And, then, or should I say, oops...there it is. God's been notified that some truly cool action is about to take place. Guides and muses are quickly lined up and snap, the entire Universe smiles.

Ahhh, Her state of boredom is slightly, if not wholely nullified. Kudos, for getting in the sandbox and kicking up some dirt because sister there's only so much time left to play. 🤛

Join a community of women who are designing their next half of life their way as they trigger their inherent power.


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