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Grind It Out

It's a new year for you and I.  Incredible how time slips by.  It only seems like yesterday that I arrived on beautiful Vancouver Island, yet here I am, 3 years in celebrating all the adventures I've encountered and survived since then. ;)

It was a time of big changes for me. Moving cross-country, setting up a new life and home was bone tiring.  There were times the odds were hugely stacked against me.  I endured worry, illness, loneliness, fear and anxiety, not always elegantly but hey, it can't always be pretty and perfect.

What about you?

What HUGE accomplishment are you extremely proud of?  Did you start a new business, travel to an exciting country, achieve a big sale?  And most importantly, how did you get it done?

Most likely, you didn't do it while sitting in the corner of your couch or relying solely on your mental calculations and acuity.

Want to know how you did it?

Actually, I don't know precisely what you did, but I do know this; you did it outside your comfort zone which means you were UNCOMFORTABLE.

Nervousness, doubt, uncertainty, physical pain and/or soreness all of it and perhaps more were part of your creation journey and story.  And if you were going after big, big goals, your discomfort level was off the charts!

Here's a secret for you....most people don't like discomfort.

So, in essence, only a few people will ever truly follow through on what they say they want. That's why success, especially big accomplishments are rare, because we as people simply don't like operating out of our zone.

If this is true, what's the antidote to move ahead?  Ah-ha!  The answer is one I had to put myself through in varying degrees to understand its magic and creative force. Here it is, don't miss it...

Relentlessness; the power to keep going and going and going, no matter what.

There are times when its all that's left, when you're standing alone and all seems lost and dark. When the only thing left to do is square your shoulders, take a deep breath, tighten your fists and move in to tackle the issue until you get it done.

Relentlessness is the antidote for resistance. 

For years I resisted taking off excess weight.  A day finally came when my unwillingnessto carry those extra pounds around came full force.  I got mad and refused to go one more day without taking action.

Relentlessness contains its own brand of magic.  It creates clarity and spirals up your ability to take positive action even if you have to get mad.

It blows fresh possibilities in and pushes out the belief in improbabilities.

It shifts your perspective and allows you to see the super-hero embedded within the core of your being.

It gears you up for the hustle yet to come and shields you from the 'good' opinions of people.

Relentlessness separates you from well-intentioned others. It shows all over you.  Talking about what you will do is not enough.  Moving forward when it looks as if the odds are stacked against you, when everyone has left the scene, when you can't see the way forward, when your best friend says you're wrong, when your resources are low or feel you don't have what it takes, relentlessness is the one thing that will change the game in your favour.

It might feel hard, it will feel uncomfortable and frighten you, but always remember, your willingness to keep moving despite the odds, spirals you up to a rarefied atmosphere most will never see.  That prospect alone is worth the effort.

So go ahead.  Blaze your trail with a huge dose of chutzpah and relentlessness and watch what happens.  I guarantee the magic you once talked and dreamed about will materialize in front of you and you'll instantly realize it wasn't about magic at all.  All this time life was simply waiting for you to understand that the power to change was in your hands the entire time and it all starts with the resolve to keep going, #nomatterwhat.


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