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Diving Into The Energy of the Stories We Tell

Do you hear it? The old, familiar machinations of the story. Which story? Your story. The one you spin and weave all day long.

You know the saying that 'everyone has a story'? Well it's true. As I write this I can hear the entrails of my stories loud and clear:

  • I'm too tired to get it all done today.

  • I have to take on life all on my own, I'd be even more successful if I had help.

  • I'm not appreciated as a woman.

  • He is like that because...

  • She deserves or doesn't deserve that because...

Stories, stories, stories.

We tell stories to explain the good and not so good things that happen in our lives. It helps us cope. We feel better about what we're up to.

Storytelling, if it's the disempowering type, keep us stuck and we don't understand why.

You'll greatly benefit by raising your awareness around the stories you tell about yourself as you also attempt to understand the stories others tell about themselves.

If you're a leader in any capacity even a parent, seeing into the hearts and minds of people by the stories they share can go a long way in understanding their journey and needs. It can be your blueprint exposing how to be of service simply by effective listening.

Be mindful though. People don't generally want you to peek into their private lives. They'll express that they're fine when in fact it's not true, just like you sometimes do when asked. How can you hone in on the stories of others?

Actions. Check out how they handle stress. Are they ignoring an issue that's blatantly obvious to the rest of the world? Do they simply settle for what life has handed them or do they fight to create better?

Excuses. Are they allowing low-energy reasons to keep them in place of a bad job, relationship or health issue?

Make an effort to understand what you're witnessing and empathize without being pushy. Remember, everyone has a right to their agency, so overstepping will only push them further away. Create connection with understanding and honesty to win their trust.

Don't forget, we all tell stories that prop up our perspective, beliefs and worldviews. Take a deep, hard look at the ones you tell. If they don't support your life, change them. This one action alone will go a long way in helping others shift their stories by the example of self-awareness you set.

Once upon a time there was a girl/boy named...


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