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Stand Out In a Crowd Using These 3 Tips

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As much as we talk about the virtues of authenticity, doing your own thing and standing out from the madding crowd, doing so is another matter altogether.

It's a frightening prospect to consider separating ourselves out from our tribe, peers and friends. Popping our heads up to show the world how magnificent we are can make a tremendous difference in our personal landscapes such as increased business but we still stop short.


For one thing, it's getter harder to show up with any sense of originality these days. All that can be done to make ourselves stand out is being done, short of wearing a suit of meat, and it's been done by the way, we are at a loss to discover new ways to attract attention.

So how can you show up differently, especially in the on-line world and with flair and without having to resort to wearing meat (unless you want to) that puts you in a place of authority every time? The quick list below will get you started so perhaps sometime this week you'll find the courage to try one or two of them on for size.

1. Don't Pull Punches

Yes, I get it. No one wants to put out their true thoughts in fear of backlash from the masses. We live in a cancel-culture so our fears around being singled out as a heretic of sorts overshadows our desire to put out narratives that have the ability to make waves.

Making waves is a good thing by the way. In our overly politically correct world anyone courageous enough to stand up, stand out and speak their truth can be seen as polarizing. But folks, polarizing works. We love it, we hate it, either way we are drawn to read and engage with it in some way. If engagement is your goal, find the courage to level up your message.

2. YOU. The One Thing No One Else Has

Sounds basic at its core. Yadda, yadda, no one else is you. Ya, heard it all before, you're thinking. Yawn. But full stop, guys. Take a deeper look at this truism. No one else IS you. In a world of 8 billion souls, you've got the market on you cornered.

Think of the experiences only you have internalized, and salt and peppered with your world-view brand and perspective. If you have siblings, you'll understand this theory. I grew up with two younger brothers. We had the same parents, in the same home. Yet, we remembered those earlier experiences differently and each shaped differently by them. Who knew?

Don't diminish the power and value of your life as it was formed. And for goodness sake, don't water down your narrative because it doesn't quite look like Bobby's or Betty-Sue's stuff. Appreciate what they're sharing but go your own way.

This is why knowing who you are is such an important concept. Dive into your internal world, it's where all the juicy tidbits reside. The stuff that can help heal others just like you awaits your discovery so get busy my friend.

3. Change Your Input

Please STOP consuming so much mainstream stuff. Why? Because you end up espousing mainstream stuff. I mainly live in the personal development realm and after awhile the mere articulation of words like 'authenticity' or phrases such as 'live your best life' have become so ubiquitous, I've become desensitized to them.

So do folks like myself a huge favour, find new sources and resources to consume.

Murakami put it well:

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

Branch out into the realm of astronomy, biology, politics, pop culture and psychology, design, technology, spirituality, religion of all kinds, health, marketing, relationships, sales, style, fashion, movie-making, architecture. You get the point, right?

Follow random accounts that spew out bits of wisdom. Do you know about Hotel Concierge? If not, then get going.

I once took up a challenge to read 6 books a week for 3 months. It was exhausting but insightful. I didn't read all the books back to cover, but read important sections of each book and to this day I continue to go back and revisit important concepts. It's amazing what such an endeavour can do for you at a dinner party. (wink)

This one tip alone will help your thought processes and unique-ability factor. Get off social media for a bit each day and dive into a codex or any book suggested by Charlie Munger.

Why am I suggesting you to do this? Because this is how amazing ideas coalesce together. You are a unique individual (tip #2) with specific life experiences and an accompanying worldview, who knows what random ideas will come together based on the fact you are you.

So there you have it - 3 tips to help you start down the road to standing out. Continue following these posts for more insights on how to get your mojo working. Life is too short to melt into the woodwork and become invisible. Stick your head up in grand style. How else will your crowd or community find you?

Until next time.


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