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What Will You Do Now That I Know This About You?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I bet I can guess a few things about you.

You want a good life for yourself and your family.

You want to do work that means something to you.

You have ambitions for your life, but probably doubt and second guess yourself.

You haven't given up hope yet. You're reading this, meaning you're still ready to change and act, or you're already rocking the process and read these messages for inspiration.

You're ready or at least strongly considering experiencing the next sweet spot of existence.

Here's another thing I know about you.

Distraction wrangles away your focus and doing-ness more times than not.

It pimps your time in seductive, insidious ways. Pulling you into silent drift, so you're not even aware that you're back watching too much TV, or worse, focusing on what you aren't instead of what you're capable of doing.

Get up. Wake up. Do something that matters, even it only matters to you.

Write the book. Lose the weight. Call a customer. Paint, create, sing, befriend, spend time, serve, love.

Seize the opportunity. Now.


Because life disappears one second at a time. It has no care for the fact you're scared, has plans, worried, or need time to think or contemplate.

It slinks ahead. One second at a time.

Tick tock. Tick tock.


Pull yourself back from this thing called drift and focus on what you can control. Not on the latest scandal, gossip or what society insists you should abysmally stare into.

If I am to focus on the buzz on the street, I should be afraid as a woman and one of colour. It's a distraction that could catch, hold and mesmerize me into a permanent position in the corner of my couch as I spin all manner of acceptable reasons why I can't do this thing or that.

Or, the energy of others could rope and hogtie me into submission for moments, days, weeks, months, years, a lifetime.

Instead, I stare ahead even while in the company of those things that dare to distract.

It takes practice to keep one's eye on the prize.

I write this message while managing one of life's many unexpected pit stops that insist on poking at me viciously so I'd turn around and lose track of where I'm headed.

But I've come to know better and now I teach others how to outwit the energy of drawing back and cocooning into fear. [See the confidence course]

I urge you to also chose your moments well so your dream can continually unfold.

Yes, there will always be good, great and better reasons to stand still, as you stall and plan for perfection, but this is what I know...

Life won't hold on and wait. It's got places to go and people to see.

Will you stand there watching as it leaves you behind in its dust, wondering where it's off to and why you didn't say yes to its call?

And what I do know about you after all is said and done, is the notion of sitting on your power by drifting and falling into distraction simply isn't an option you'll willingly consider as lightly as you once did anytime soon because a bit of light shone on you simply by reading this.

Now, what will you do?


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