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Navigating the messy middle while shifting into your Prime just got easier...

Have you spent years giving yourself to others in the role of a wife, mother, caregiver and/or an employee and now feel you've somehow missed the best part of your life?

Mother and Daughter
Playful Senior Woman

Do you know what you want to do with your remaining years?

Are you exhausted and feel  you simply don't have the energy needed to create a fulfilling second half of your journey?

Or is it that you dread that it's too late to go after those long forgotten dreams and desires or experience the many fabulous things you once hoped for?



Most women feel and think the same way.


We've been incredibly busy and distracted for much of our lives. Our passions or purpose were left dwindling in the shadows of our obligations. And now as we navigate the messy middle between aging parents and/or children it's time to consider a different way.




It's frightening to stretch forward into the unknown especially since we're not as young as we use to be and the thought of starting over or starting something can be daunting.



It's not about trying to become young or turning yourself into something you are not.

It's not about being or staying a martyr or being 'strong'.

It's not about following antiquated rules about aging. Or stuffing down your feelings and desires so others will feel comfortable.

It's time for a new 

The time has come to create scripts and fresh wisdom that honour your experience as a prime time woman.

It's time to understand how to trigger increased energy, uncloak your 'I Factor',  abundance, connections, powerful intentions, joyful outcomes and more.



Notebook and Pen
  • Dream again

  • Explore new and exciting possibilities

  • Enhance relationships

  • Ramp up intimacy

  • Clear up unresolved situations

  • Shift past toxic mind-messes

  • Reinvent your style

  • Downsize or upsize

  • Start a business

  • Sleep more

  • Get in the best shape of your life

  • Manifest with power

  • Go back to school

  • Write, travel, AND SO MUCH MORE!

but best of all...

Through a set of intentional conversations with Pamela Sylvan, the Mojomaker, you'll come away with an energized process, and the inspiration needed to start moving away from ineffective hoping and wishing and toward unleashing new outcomes in the arena of your life.


This 2-part webinar series is an exciting dive into questions such as

  • what's next?

  • is there something more?

  • what now?

  • is it possible and can I do it?

  • what are my choices?

  • how do I make it happen?

  • and how do I create supportive environments?


 Tools and resources to plan your way forward contained within a workbook designed to keep you moving, motivated and inspired.


Access to a private networked community specifically designed for participants where the conversation will continue to help reinforce the ahh-ha moments received during the workshop.

You'll receive...

Women Laughing on Beach




  • EXPANDED Workbook

  • Continued 1 hour behind-the-scenes additional training + Q&A after webinar

  • 10% discount on future workshops or courses during 2022


Yellow and Brown Simple Live Webinar Facebook Post.png


Hello, I'm Pamela and I'm thrilled to be hosting this important event. As an executive coach and mentor I work with women who are ready to shift into their power as they continue to rise to their place of effectiveness in their careers, businesses and/or personal life.

A decade ago I began questioning my life as I entered my fifties. Frequent bouts of illness plagued me and I didn't understand why. On my last entry to the hospital via a rushed ambulance trip, I made a vow to myself and the Universe that if I was allowed to leave I would make the changes I KNEW I needed to make.

As I left the hospital, a nurse told me that people that came in as I did, usually never leave again. I was now on a mission to keep living.

My primary relationship was over but I hadn't told my partner. I finally found the courage to end things, packed up and left that weekend.

I was at ground zero; no prospects, money or plans but I didn't care. I had MYSELF back!

After less than two years I made another huge change. I moved across the country into unknown territory. I left my family, friends and my possessions including a house. I landed on Vancouver Island with two bags of clothes and a laptop. I knew no one, had no connections or job prospects. I also had no furniture or dishes or any of the conveniences of home.

I didn't care. I had a strong belief in myself and understood that as long as I stayed healthy and optimistic I'll find a way forward. And I did.

I did all of this while in my fifties. A time when most believe you should have your life figured out. I didn't have the luxury of knowing what was going to happen next. I placed myself in uncertainty and never regretted it. The most difficult part of that journey was making the decision to change my life, but I did. 

You can too.

Join me on May 5 & 12 so you won't miss the process, thinking and inspiration that created the life I'm now living. 

Act soon. The workbook, prompts and other tidbits geared to prep you for the webinar will arrive in your inbox once you register. So don't delay.


You'll receive 5 ballots for the Mother's Day Giveaway when you register!

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