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And, You Don't Even Like It

Amazing isn't it how loyal we are to the stuff in our life we don't like?

We each have a litany of things that if we were honest, we'd only do because it's expected of us. If we could we'd dump all those burdensome tasks and run barefooted to what pleases us most. And, let's not forget those annoying people we put up with because, well we are expected to. We have somehow vowed to be the receptacle for all their weirdness, trauma and plain bad behaviours and ill manners. We just put up with it. It's doubly vicious if you're a girl. Somehow this is our lot in life.

How brave are you, my friend?

Are you wild enough to start shedding a load of duty to stuff and people you drag about all day? Or are you so wrapped up in guilty recriminations heavy enough to flatten a wholly mammoth that all you can do is put on your best stiff upper lip and carry on.

Sister, life's too short.

Dump the lumps and get on with it.

Put some spark in your life and come join a community of women who have vowed to make they're next half of life their best.


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