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How to Keep the Magic Alive

magic - an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source. ie. both pitchers, although they are older, haven't lost their magic. ` Merriam-Webster Dictionary

No doubt you're ruminating about the fact that after all these years you've lost your magic, if you felt you had any in the first place.

To begin, you came into this realm with 'the magic' intact.

What is 'the magic' you might ask? Well, let's put it in simple terms. Not unlike your cellphone which comes equipped with various apps and an operating system, you were born with your set as well but unlike your phone, your apps can't be uninstalled just forgotten. Have you used any of your phone apps aside from social and streaming ones? Practically never I bet.

So like your phone, when last have you used your inherent apps (the magic) such as...

  • Imagination

  • Creativity (making stuff)

  • Connectivity

  • Love

  • Wonder

  • Curiosity

  • Agility

  • Patience

  • Faith

  • Practice

  • Big Leaping

  • Conscious Manifesting

  • Playfulness

  • Humour / Laughter

Most likely, many of those listed above were either shoved aside, covered up or hidden from your view through forces such as distraction, laziness or low self-esteem. And of course, we use ninja-style stall tactics that sound like 'I have no time to dream and do stuff, I've gotta pay the bills.

Sister, bill-paying is something we all signed up for, literally. Every month like clockwork bits of cash is siphoned out of your account because you've permitted someone, somewhere to do so.

So month by month in hopes of staying in step with the art of bill paying, we justify why triggering the magic simply can't be done because as we all know the bills are our reason to exist. Not!

We were maligned into thinking that staying in step with the rest of society is our sole purpose. We were directed to the grindstone to slog away and there we stayed. The industrial revolution certainly played havoc with our apps and subsequently, our magic-producing capabilities.

A few brave few souls who had an inkling of something amiss, rebelled. They kept the embers of their fire-magic alive. Here's how they did it...

One of the oldest and most generous tricks that the Universe plays on human beings is to bury strange jewels within us all and then stand back to see if you can ever find them. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert | Big Magic

The aforementioned brave souls like explorers such as Marco Polo, John Cabot and Christopher Columbus ventured forward into unknown lands and territories with great hope and faith to discover new places to hang out. It's a good thing too or we'd all be crammed on one or two continents or small island nations with very little elbow room.

Curiosity, willingness, commitment and perseverance are how the magic unfolds. At your immediate disposal is an uncharted territory within you silently awaiting discovery.

Until you get curious enough to answer the call which by now has turned into a full-blown ache, the magic won't present itself.

Go ahead, use your inherent apps. Do it while afraid. Listen to the internal voice cheering you forward and ignore the one trying to terrorize you.

Latch on to big faith, take big leaps, love big, play big, and imagine a life of bigness and expansion that will make your heart sing because Sister, this is how you keep the magic alive.

Need assistance triggering the magic? Download this PDF of powerful questions to get started.


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