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Left Brain, Right Brain. An Ode to Whole Brain Living.

Balance. Through the annals of social and other popular media sources, we've spent copious amounts of time and energy attempting to distribute a sense of equilibrium and peace throughout our lives. Yet, with all that talk, we are as stressed as ever. 

If you suffer through pangs of guilt trying to align to the popular notion that you can somehow bring stability to your life, you're not alone. Thank God, we've recently come to our senses and recognized it can't effectively be done in our 'produce and keep busy til you drop' narrative.

Consider instead shifting the theory of balance to the concept of aligning both halves of your brain.

As you know, our brain consists of two hemispheres, the left and right. Perhaps by now, you've concluded which side you lean. If you haven't, the following can help identify which half is predominantly you:

Left brain

  • Seat of logic

  • Language

  • Advanced cognition

  • What we need to make a living daily

  • You're probably an accountant or engineer

  • World domination appeals to you

Right Brain

  • Artistic

  • Creative

  • Intuitive

  • Emotions / Feelings 

  • You'll find yourself in the 'taking care of people' professions

  • Not dominating the world appeals to you

The left brain has long been associated with the preferred, purposeful side. After all, based on what we hold dearly in our get rich, get smart world, logic and advanced cognition would seem to put one ahead of the game. Meanwhile, anyone predominantly with right-brain predilections was seen as frivolous or too emotional and not up to the task of bringing in the big dollars. 

I call BS on this valuation of right-brain folks who by the way are the majority of people on the planet and a tribe to which I proudly belong.

During my youth, I chafed against the right-brain tendencies I exhibited. Somehow I latched onto the belief that left-brainers had the 'success-gene' encoded within which I lacked and therefore wanted in on some of that. So I became what I imagined left-brainers to be: stoic, sedate, and lacking in humour spending most of their time focused on spreadsheets and bank balances. Needless to say, I set myself up against myself.  My identity was off the charts out of whack. The awareness that I could authentically be myself while mastering new ways of being (balance) hadn't landed yet. That would take another decade or two. 

I've since then reversed my position and now embrace my right-brain life. Ah, but what about balance you say? 

The rational mind is a faithful servant, but the intuitive mind is a precious gift. ~ Einstein

Well said Einstein, but what we've done is flip this notion on its side and instead glorify the servant (left brain). This overt glorification has caused such despair for so many while unilaterally damaging the environment.

Right-brain folks as appealing as they seem can tend to spend a lot of time naval-gazing, a term I coined referring to the overly relaxed way we meet life at times. We need both types to make life work, but as Einstein concluded we've put one far ahead of the other. 

We need to build new ways forward in an efficient manner but with a sense of fun and a heavy emphasis on the effects, our decisions have on people through attention and relationship-building. 

#Balancedbrains is a hashtag I'd like to see trending across all social spaces. More passion for kindness, healthy business and competition, and effective and efficient community building. 

Sister, connect your brain. Work with both halves, first in your personal experience then take all that mighty wholeness to the world at large. 

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